Particularly for Parents-Helping With Handwriting

by Misty K.

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One of the most common things we see parents ask about is help for handwriting. This is a big hurdle for many (myself included!) But in this age of computer everything, do you even need to learn how to properly write with a pencil at all?

Yes! It’s an essential life skill, even today. It affects so many areas of academic performance, from math, language arts, and essay questions will pop up on all sorts of tests! And you’ll need to sign your name countless times in life. To say nothing about the times a person needs to jot down information or leave a note!

Cursive, Manuscript, D‘Nealian, Zaner-Bloser, Traditional, Contemporary…how confusing! Uncertain what kind of help you’ll need? Your teacher will know. We can also sometimes pick out which kind based on a sample, but that’s risky.

Handwriting is a complex beast, with several things that can go wrong. First off, there is grip-and we’ve addressed that before in depth here.Cursive Handwriting Alpahbet by Ashley

A Note About Cursive

Not studying cursive in school, but want to learn anyway? Then my pick would be contemporary. Streamlined and easier to learn, unless they want the ‘fancy’ penmanship. Then, by all means, pick traditional instead!

Ps-We’ve had books about calligraphy and hand-lettering in the past, feel free to ask about those once they’ve conquered cursive!


From the short and simple (Stick Kids) to the gigantic Thinking Kid’s Complete Book of Handwriting-we’ve got you covered. This includes titles focused on special needs!

Pads and Paper

Write on with paper just for practice suitable for any grade level. We also have pads, loose paper, and even some blank books!

Boards, Placemats, and Such…

For daily practice, we have dry-erase produces, from cards to placemats. Just wipe off and write again!

There’s so much more in store, and we can ship if needed! See you there!


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